Terms and Conditions

Members of the contratual relationship

The firm Nové Adalbertinum Inc. located on the adress Velké náměstí 32/40, 500 03 Hradec Králové, the company is registred in the business register, file reference C 48817 registered at the Regional court in Hradec Králové (refered to hereinafter as „Hotel“).

The customer as a natural person or a legal entity (refered to hereinafter as „customer“)

Booking of accomodation and services

The reservation of accomodation and other services in the Hotel and confirmation of the reservation is possible in writing, i.e. e-mail, phone, the website or by using the external reservation portal booking.com

The reservation is considered valid and binding in the moment the Hotel confirmes it to the costumer in a written form or in the case of an automatic email confirmation generated by the corresponding online reservation system.

The reservation is completed by a payment card or by paying the deposit, based on the accomodations and services booked. Individual conditions can be set.

The details listed on the booking conformation are binding for both parties.

Prices and payment conditions

The price is stated for a room for one night, including breakfast, unless the customer chooses differently. Value added tax and a city fee of 15Kč per person per night is included in the price of the accomodation.

The reservation can be cancelled only by written form, i.e. e-mail. The exact way of the cancellation is based on the reservation system, that was used for making the reservation.

When cancelling a reservation made using an external provider (e.g. booking.com), it is necessary to cancel it trough this provider the way they require while making the reservation.

Reservation changes, i.e. changing the date of the reservation is considered canceling the original reservation and is treated the same way as a reservation cancellation.

The price can be payed in cash, in case of payment by a payment card the price will be charged in CZK currency.

By the sales registration law, the seller is obligated to issue a receipt to the costumer. The seller is also required to file the accepted payment with a tax administrator on-line, in the case of a technical malfunction, it must be filed by 48 hours at the latest.

The hotel reserves the right of the pre-authorization of the customers payment card in the amount of the overal price for accomodation.

Rights and obligations of the costumer

The costumer has the right to use the reserved spaces and their equipment, as well as the equipment of communal spaces. The customer is responssible for all damages caused in the room or adjacent spaces during the stay and agrees to pay for any repairs, exchanges or cleaning needed. The amount of payment will be set by the hotel.

The customer is required to report any potential deficiency during their stay at the hotel, so the repair can be agreed on.

The customer is required to pay the cost of the services provided connected to the accomodation by the day of check in. By the end of their stay, the costumer is required to pay the cost of any other services, (additional or other hotel services), unless agreed upon differently.

The customer is alowed to withdraw from the contract based on the cancellatiom policies or in the case the hotel hadn’t provided the guest appropriate services corresponding with the hotel’s standard.

The time of check in is from 14:00 on the day of arrival. Earlier check in is possible only after an agreement with the hotel.

The time of check out is until 11:00 on the day of departure. Later check outs are possible after an agreement with the hotel and can be charged.

The whole hotel is a non smoking area. Violation of this regulatoin gives the hotel the right to charge the customer a penalty of 5000Kč for the cleaning of the room or the spaces of the hotel. Smoking is alowed only infront of the hotel and in the courtyard, in an area dedicated for it.

Accomodation with pets is not possible.

Rights and obligations of the hotel

The hotel is required to provide accomodation for the customer based on services previously agreed upon and are corresponding with the hotel’s standard.

In case the hotel isn’t able to accomodate the customer based on the reservation made and confirmed ahead of time, the hotel is required to provide adequate accomodation in another establishment.

The hotel is allowed to refuse accommodation to the Guest if the Guest does not present a valid ID (ID card, passport).

The Hotel reserves the right not to accommodate the Guest if the Guest's clothing or behaviour does not respect good manners, the Guest is obviously under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances or the Guest, his/her clothing or luggage is excessively soiled. The Hotel also reserves the right not to accommodate a Guest who is on the blacklist or on the non-payment list for accommodation services.

Final provisions

These conditions are applicable from 1.1.2022. The customer is required to follow these current conditions. The hotel collects personal information of the customer (see the GDPR terms)

Cancellation policy of the accomodation

The cancellation policy for accomodating services is not charged in case of cancelling the reservation up to 22 days before the guests scheduled arrival. The customer is required to give the accomodator a written announcement about the cancellation.

  • In case of the customer cancelling the reservation 21-15 days before the date of the scheduled arrival, the cancellation fee is the cost of 30% of the accomodation price.
  • In case of the customer cancelling the reservation 14 - 8 days before the date of the scheduled arrival, the cancellation fee is the cost of 50% of the accomodation price.
  • In case of the customer cancelling the reservation 7-2 days before the date of the scheduler arrival, the cancellation fee is the cost of 80% of the accomodation price.
  • In case of the reservation being cancelled less than 2 days before arrival, or in case of the customer not providing written cancellation, 100% of the price will be charged.

For guest, who are booking their stay in advance, we reccomend taking out a cancellation insurance. In case of unexpected events, where the guest isn’t able to arrive at the time of the reservation, for example, in case of an illnes or due to obstacles connected to COVID-19 on the guests side (ordered quarantine etc.), the hotel’s right for the cancellation fee isn’t affected.

In case the accomodation isn‘t possible because of current reggulations of the ČR government, e.i. obstacles on the side of the hotel, the guest has the right to cancel the reservation without the cancellation fee and the deposit or any cost already payed by the guest is returned.