“Clinical nutrition and intensive metabolic care is not a separate medical discipline, but combines all fields of clinical medicine in association with basic science. The progress in the clinical and scientific fields of clinical nutrition is enormous and the knowledge is more and more important that it has been in the past. The combination of basic science and its implementation in practice is fascinating.

ESPEN places great emphasis on educating the younger generation of doctors, and the annual interactive courses have become very popular. We hope that the information provided to you in this course of clinical nutrition will add new qualities to your work and give you more satisfaction in your everyday practice.

You have a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with top experts in clinical nutrition and intensive metabolic care in an inspiring and intellectual environment, as well as to exchange your experience, ideas and plans with the like-minded colleagues.  We are looking forward to meeting you in Hradec Kralove.“

Pavel Tesinsky
President, Czech Society of Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Metabolic Care  

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Dear Colleagues,

Metabolic care and clinical nutrition are crucial parts of modern medicine. The holistic approach based on an understanding of the integrative role of metabolism and metabolic pathways is essential for provision of comprehensive metabolic care. 

Consistent education is essential for the dissemination of novel scientific results and their incorporation into clinical practice. The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) has accepted the challenge to organise educational activities for more than 45 years. 

Since 1993 ESPEN has organised educational courses in clinical nutrition and that became basis of educational activities. Each course was modernised and enhanced by a team of enthusiastic and skilled speakers. Thanks to their ideas, the quality of the course rose and it became even more useful for students, physicians, dieticians. The reputation of these courses rose and it has been attended by students from whole Word. Since 2006 the Life Long Learning (LLL) program was implemented, that further improved educational program of the course. Most of speakers are leaders in the field and, together, they represent the best specialists in metabolic care and nutrition. 

This year´s ESPEN course is organised in the historic city of Hradec Kralove. We are sure that informal meetings with experts and opinion leaders will stimulate your interest in research and science in the field of clinical nutrition and metabolic care.  

We are happy to invite you to join this course.

Pavel Tesinsky, Lubos Sobotka, Frantisek Novak